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Bread & Barley


130 North Citrus Avenue
Covina, CA 91723


Mon – Wed 11am-11pm / Thur – Sat 11am-2am / Sun 11am-10pm


Puck Bacon Cheeseburger

Bread & Barley is a fun little pub that deserves to be in a downtown college community. It reminded me of something you might find near UCR. With thick wooden, tables, large TVs, and walls covered with their many tap beers.


Bread & Barely Cheeseburger

Now I am not a beer drinker, but Bread & Barely, with it’s rotating taps, is a beer drinker’s dream. My friend ordered a pumpkin spice type beer and it was actually quite good, although I am no where near qualified to judge. To complement their massive drink menu, they offer a fairly limited and simple menu. However, despite it’s size does not lack in flavor and variety. They offer several choices of starters, salads, sandwiches, and burgers; simple and not too many choices, but each item appears to hold its own.


On this trip I was only able to try one of their burgers, as did my friend. I ordered their Puck Bacon Cheeseburger which is topped with house-cut bacon, gorgonzola cheese, french-fried onions and BBQ sauce. I was a bit hesitant to order something with gorgonzola, but they did not use too much and combined with the crunchy onions and sweet BBQ sauce, as well as the fattiness of the bacon, it all melded perfectly. The meat itself was cooked perfectly medium and was nice and juicy. My friend ordered their classic burger, their Bread & Barley Burger, which I did not try, but he was very satisfied. The fries were nothing outstanding, but that wasn’t a problem thanks to the quality of the burger.

Overall Bread & Barely was a very nice experience and I would definitely go back if the opportunity presented itself or I turn into a beer drinker.

The Nieghborhood Pizza Joint


21000 Golden Springs Dr
Diamond Bar, CA91765


Mon-Fri 11am – 9pm / Sat & Sun Noon – 9pm


Antipasta Salad

I have seen and heard of Barro’s my entire life. When I was in elementary school, Ybarra would regularly host fundraisers and events there. My friends talked about it, my neighbors hung out there, yet I had never been there. That is until this summer. When my vote for New York Pizza was shot down by an overwhelming demand by my family to go Barro’s.


Bar and Game Area

My brother’s family was down from Arizona for the 4th of July and all the cousins were playing together for the first time in over a year. After a day of swimming we were all starving and everyone voted for pizza. Although I fought valiantly for my New York Pizza they were all set on Barro’s. At first I was a little apprehensive, but eventually I was won over.


Portion of the Menu

Besides a variety of pizzas, Barro’s sells a variety of sides, salads, sandwiches, and pastas. I only had the opportunity to try their pizza and an antipasta salad. Although I would skip on the salad, more cheese than anything else, the pizza was quite good.


They serve a thick crust pie, which was nice and fluffy, not too gooey, a nice sauce, not too overwhelming, and lots of cheese that miraculously stayed on the pizza even when piping hot.


Sausage Pizza

My only true complaint about Barro’s was that I felt they were just a tad over priced, maybe a dollar or two more than what I would expect to pay for the quality they are putting out. However, they have several games to keep kids entertained, and large long tables that can accommodate large parties very easily, which makes it clear to me why this place is so popular. Although I shall still remain loyal to my other local pizza pie places, I see the appeal to Barro’s and won’t mind if I lose another vote next time.

Rialto Cafe


108 W Wilshire Ave
Fullerton, CA92832


Sunday – Wednesday 8am-3pm / Thursday -Saturday 8am-10pm


BLT with Avocado

From what I have heard and read, Rialto Cafe is more known for their breakfast than anything else, but they have an amazing lunch and sandwich menu. I haven’t yet had an opportunity to try their breakfast, but after a very pleasant lunch there with a girlfriend of mine I plan to go back soon.


Turkey, Swiss, and Avocado Plate

Rialto Cafe is a little cafe in Downtown Fullerton, with a cute little dinning area inside as well as several shaded tables outside, great for a lunch with your four legged friend. My friend and I sat outside and enjoyed people watching as we ate our meal.


BLT with Avocado

My friend ordered a BLT with avocado and I had their turkey, Swiss and avocado sandwich. Their sandwiches are served with your choice of chips, a variety of salads, or fruit. I had chips, my friend had their tomato and cucumber salad. The sandwiches are served on lightly toasted wheat bread, and although I am not a fan of crunchy bread everything about this sandwich was perfect. The toast to the bread did not make it overwhelming crunchy, but offered just enough stability to hold the sandwich together. My sandwich had just the right mount of turkey, cheese, and avocado. I didn’t try the BLT, but my friend could not stop raving about how much bacon there was and how perfectly it was cooked, not too greasy, not too crunchy.



17501 Colima Rd
Unit F
Rowland Heights, CA91748


Mon – Thurs 1 pm – 10:30 pm
Fri 1 pm – 11:30 pm
Sat 12 pm – 11:30 pm
Sun 12 pm – 10:30 pm

**Accepts credit card only with a minimum purchase**


Organic Strawberry Snow

Over the years living in Rowland Heights I have seen countless people share photos of their ice experiences, but I have never had the courage to try it myself. That is until a few weeks ago when my niece and I decided to be adventurous together. I had a coupon for Baskin Robins, and that is originally where we planned to go, but we ended up leaving after they closed. In desperation for something sweet we decided to give I-Sweet a chance and I am so happy we did.


Banana Snow

We got organic strawberry and banana. Banana was a little much for me, too strong of a banana taste, but the strawberry was amazing, one of the best desserts I have every tried. It was light and airy. It tasted super refreshing. Although I don’t know what the calorie and nutrition of snow is, it tasted very guilt free.

Now I haven’t tried any other snow places so I really have nothing to compare I-Sweet to, but I plan on trying others and will let you all know how I feel. For now however, go to I-Sweet!!

2 Week Absence

i-cant-keep-calm-because-i-got-a-new-jobI apologize that I have not shared anything new for over two weeks, but I promise posts will be coming soon. Three weeks ago today I started a job and have been figuring out my new routine. Now that things are finally falling into place I should be able to get my posts back on a regular schedule and I have plenty of yummy places backed up to fill you all in on.


Expanded Menu at Pompeiis

I took my niece to Pompeii’s a few weeks ago to celebrate her birthday and was surprised to see that Pompeii’s menu had expanded quite a bit, with appetizers, more salads, more pastas, simply more deliciousness.


As it was only the two of us and I was dying for their Fettuccine, we were only able to try two new items. We ordered a 1/2lb of their potato wedges and my niece ordered their ravioli and spaghetti with meatballs plate. The potatoes were made fresh and crispy, served nice and hot with ketchup and ranch. I will be back for more.

My niece loved her spaghetti and ravioli. There marinara sauce had a little too much time for my liking, but nothing I couldn’t get over. The meatballs had awesome flavor and were huge! The ravioli was only cheese, but stuffed just right and cooked perfectly.


If you haven’t yet made it to Pompeii’s you need to now, if you have already I think it’s about time you head back to try some of their new items. You won’t be disappointed.

The Burger Joint La Puente Forgot


14273 Amar Rd

La Puente, CA91746


Double Cheeseburger

If you read my posts regularly, it may have been quite apparent that my boyfriend is my usually fatty in crime. Well a couple months ago I had to hand him over to the Marine Corp. and have had to begin to seek out new foodie partners to keep this page going. I’m still trying out people.

GD Burgers, however is one stop we got to try out while he was on leave and it was a very nice experience.


Chili Cheese Fries

I have driven past this perfect description of a hole in a wall many many times and honestly if it was  not for Yelp I would have simply thought this place was closed. GD Burgers from the exterior to the interior feels and looks like a place La Puente forgot. With dingy paint and holes in booth cushions, this place is not appealing at first glance, but if you can look past the appearance, remember don’t judge a book by its cover, you are in for a pretty good dining experience.


Cheeseburger Combo

Although they have a pretty large menu from the basics to Mexican food and some teryiaki bowls, on this visit I stuck to the basics – cheeseburger, chili cheese fries, and regular fries. The cheeseburger passed my test and I would even go as far as calling it above average good. It was prepared fresh and had the unusual aspect of being neatly put together. It had just the right amount of sauce and was very flavorful. The fries were hot and crispy. I was not a huge fan of the chili cheese fries, but my boyfriend did enjoy them and although they look like canned chili, they pack a lot more flavor.

More from Cha Cafe

Here are two more amazing dishes from one of my favorite stops!


Kalbi Beef Fusion Tacos…AMAZING


Chicken Ssam Baps

Pho Olivia


 2466 E Chapman Ave

Fullerton, CA 92831


Rare Steak Pho

Before graduating from Cal State Fullerton, my team from the Newport Beach Film Festival and I enjoyed one last meal together at Pho Olivia. It was, what would turn out to be an all night meeting to finish our final business plan and we needed fuel to get us through the night.


Fried Rice and Egg Roll

We had already been working for over 4 hours and we were ready for some dinner. Pho Olivia was close, cheap, and compared to our other options, relatively nutritious. The food was amazing, the service was awesome, and overall it was a nice break from our work.


Our meal consisted of rare steak pho, fried rice, egg rolls, and a variety of drinks. We had thai ice tea, strawberry lemonade, and a lemon soda. Everyone was happy with everything.


Thai Ice Tea

The pho was hot, flavorful, and had lots of meat. The thai ice tea, as I have said before is not my favorite drink, but their’s was nice, not too sweet. The strawberry lemonade was a perfect combination of sweet and sour. Although I didn’t get to try the lemon soda, my team lead described it as delicious.


Strawberry Lemonade

The layout of Pho Olivia is very open, makes for a nice place for large groups to meet up. The service was awesome, they were very attentive and quick. Overall it was a very nice experience and I cannot wait to go back.

Tasty Choice Breakfast Sandwich

Awhile back I decided to add a new item to my Tasty Choice breakfast. I decided to try their sausage and egg sandwich and it was really quite delicious. It may not be pretty to look at, but really gives any fast food joint a run for their money.


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