Sushi Burritos!!

1 Sep

Jogasaki Truck

Los Angeles based truck


Golden State Roll

I don’t remember how I came across the Sushi Burrito Truck, but I have been following them for longer months, stocking their schedule, just waiting for my chance to give them a shot. Finally one day, on my way home from the convention center, rolling down Brea Canyon into Rowland Heights, there it was. There was my Sushi Burrito, parked in front of Stater Bro’s on Colima. My dreams had come true. I rushed to my sister’s, grabbed my niece, the only little one I have brave enough to give sushi a shot, and we headed down the Jogasaki, the food truck of my dreams.


Spider Burrito and Golden State Roll

We ordered their monthly special, their spider burrito. A spider roll in a burrito form – deep fried soft shell crab, crab meat, avocado, cucumber, radish sprout, and yamagobo. We also tried their Golden State Roll. It’s a deep-fried California Roll served with eel sauce.

We absolutely loved both and finished everything down to the last grain of rice. The ingredients were fresh and even in their supersized portions, the flavors were just as balanced as if you were eating a normal roll. Yes, I must admit they are a little pricy for my taste, but when thinking about what you pay for sushi the price makes sense for the supersized portions. I can’t afford to eat there regularly, but I will be back.

Good Burgers Served Classy

28 Aug

Umami Burger

338 S Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805

Mon – Thurs 11am – 11pm / Fri – Sun 11am – Midnight

**Locations across California, as well as in New York, Nevada, and Illinois**


So I sadly must report that I had to leave my internship in Anaheim, but on my last day my wonderful boss and coworker took me out to lunch, my choice. As I’m more of a dirty dive person, I panicked. I wanted to pick somewhere that served food I’d enjoy, but also wanted to pick somewhere my boss would feel comfortable at, thus I ended up at Umami. Umami Burgers, good burgers served classy.


I had heard my boss and other people around work talk about Umami and how amazing it is. Me being the burger coinsurer that I am I immediately decided I had to try it, but it is located within the Packing District and I got sucked up by all that is the Packing House and after 10 months had yet to give it a shot. This was the perfect opportunity.

TruffleFries - Umami Burger, Anaheim CA

Truffle Fries

I ordered their truffle burger and we ordered their truffle fries and maple bacon fries for the table. The burger which comes with, truffled aioli, house truffle cheese, and truffle glaze, was very very good. The meat was delicious, juicy, and cooked to perfection. I had to contain myself and eat politely and slowly, but I loved every bite.

TruffleBurger - Umami Burger, Anaheim CA

Truffle Burger

The burger was not the star of the meal though. The burger was good, but the sweet potato fries were heaven. Maple Bacon Fries – sweet potato fries topped with maple-braised bacon lardons, rosemary Aleppo salt, and topped with chives. They were crunchy, fluffy, sweet, sticky, and salty. One if the best dishes I have ever eaten.

The truffle fries, which everyone seems to adore, didn’t leave that great of an impression on me. They just seemed like bland, skinny, cheese fries.

SweetPotato - Umami Burger, Anaheim CA

Maple Bacon Fries

Now, although I LOVE the sweet potato fries, and the burger was delicious. I don’t know if I would ever return, at least not on my own. If friends were gathering there or I was invited for something there I would definitely go, but as a place for me to frequent, even the fries can’t make up for the cost of a burger. I felt they were a little over priced. If I’m going to drop that much money on a meal of burger and fries, I’d much rather swing by G Burger and gorge myself there.

No Need for L&L Anymore

25 Aug

Brody’s Hawaiian BBQ

116 N Vincent Ave
West Covina, CA 91790

Mon – Sat 11am – 9pm / Sun 11am – 8pm

Steak Plate - Brody's Hawaiian BBQ

Steak Plate

Brody’s Hawaiian BBQ, after only two meals there, is easily becoming a contender for one of my favorite places to grab a bite to eat. Every worker I have encountered is more than kind, super helpful, very friendly, and attentive. The portions are huge, the food is delicious, and the prices are amazing.

Chicken Plate - Brody's Hawaiian BBQ

Chicken Plate

Both times I have been there I have ordered their steak plate. The meat is super flavorful, and as big as the portions are, I struggle not to gorge myself on the entire thing. The plate comes with coleslaw, macaroni salad, and rice. Now normally I’m not a fan of any of those items, but I finished it all. Both the coleslaw and macaroni salad are not overly dressed or overly creamy. The coleslaw still has a nice crunch to it. The rice is perfectly cooked and you have the option to upgrade to brown if you’re feeling a little healthy.

Brody's Hawaiian BBQ

Photo Wall of Menu

My absolute favorite thing about here though is their perfectly flavored, super light and fluffy, shockingly cheap Hawaiian Shaved Ice. $1.50 for a small. The ice is perfect, they don’t over dress it, so it doesn’t become a super syrup sugar slush, and it’s cheap! You can’t beat that. My boyfriend even indulged with me.

If you’re near the West Covina Mall or the West Covina area in general you need to stop here. Even if you aren’t familiar with Hawaiian food or only know places like L&L you need to give them a try. For the Hawaiian cuisine virgin they have a photo wall of all their options and if that’s not enough they are more than willing to talk you through the options.

Orange Roll Sushi

21 Aug

Orange Roll & Sushi

327 S Anaheim Blvd, Ste B
Anaheim, CA 92805

Mon – Sat 11am – 10pm

**Four locations**

Caterpillar - Orange Roll Sushi

Caterpillar Roll

I have wanted to try Orange Roll & Sushi since I was a student at CSUF, but I never had the opportunity. Finally while my boyfriend was home on leave, while we were staying down in the Disneyland Resort area, we got to try it.

Spider Roll - Orange Roll Sushi

Spider Roll

Located directly across from the Packing House it no surprise how crowded it was in there. The space had a nice atmosphere to it and the workers were polite and attentive, but the dining area in my opinion was too small and had too many tables crammed in there to accommodate theirs crowds. I understand wanting to serve as many people as possible, but I’d still like to be comfortable while I dine, and maybe enjoy a tiny bit of privacy.

Amber - Orange Roll Sushi

The Amber Roll

Although my dining experience was a little cramped the rolls were not bad at all. We ordered three of their rolls – the caterpillar, the spider roll, and their Amber roll. The caterpillar roll was yummy, but the amount of avocado made it a tad to creamy for me. The spider roll was packed with soft shell crab which was amazing, but slightly messy to eat. The Amber roll was the winner overall though. Think crunch roll with a kick, I highly recommend it.

My one last complaint would have to be that I felt it was a tad pricey, but was a lot of food.

Choice Burger

18 Aug

Choice Burgers

442 S Brea Blvd
Brea, CA 92821

7am – 9pm 7 Days a Week

Double Cheeseburger & Chili Cheese Fries - Choice Burger

Double Cheeseburger Combo with Chili Cheese Fries

My first job out of college was working at the Anaheim Convention Center. Traffic is so bad in the morning on the 57 that I avoided it every morning by taking Harbor Blvd all the way. I graduated from CSUF and took Harbor almost every day to get to class as well. So for almost three years straight I traveled along Harbor at least four times a week, sometimes more. On my drive two burger joints always stood out to me, Brea’s Best Burgers and Choice Burgers. For years I thought about trying them and then finally while my boyfriend was home on leave I got my chance. We got to enjoy a meal from Choice Burgers.

Cheeseburger Combo - Choice Burger (Photo by G Hurtado)

Cheeseburger Combo

We ordered our usual, two burger combos – a single and a double, one with plain fries and one with chili cheese fries. The burgers were good, your usual patty, cheese, lettuce, and thousand island dressing. The patty was well cooked and the meat to cheese to dressing ratio was pretty damn good. My only burger complaint would be the shredded lettuce, wasn’t a fan and it was a tiny bit wilted. The chili cheese fries were really good, good amount a cheese and an oh so subtle spice. The portion was also amazing. We didn’t order any chili cheese fries, just substituted his combo fries with chili cheese and the portion was huge, an entire plate full.

Overall I enjoyed the food, the service was very good and I will back, once I try Brea’s Best down the street.

I Grill

12 Aug

I Grill

15425 Valley Blvd
City of Industry, CA 91746

11am – 11pm 7 Days a Week

Steak Plate - I Grill (Photo by G Hurtado)

Beef Shawarma Plate

Besides gyros I’m still completely lost when it comes to Mediterranean food, but I’m determined to learn and keep trying. I Grill has been my first real try and I must say not too bad.

Now first off, don’t be frightened or turned off by I Grill’s location. They are set in a shopping center with the big Spearmint Rhino, but inside is very family friendly and the service is excellent. My boyfriend and I came in on a weekday afternoon and the shop was pretty much empty, but the entire staff was super friendly and attentive.

Lamb Sandwich - I Grill (Photo by G Hurtado)

Lamb Sandwich

We ordered their beef shawarma plate which comes with hummus, salad, rice, and beef. We also ordered a lamb sandwich with fries and a piece of baklava. I’ll start with the baklava. They were almost out, but had a small corner piece left so they offered it to us at a discounted price. It was sticky and crunchy and really good, as far as I can judge.

Now onto the food. Besides my fast food gyros I have nothing to compare this too, but I loved our lamb sandwich. The meat was tender, flavorful and the overall wrap was a combo of hot and cool and creamy and crunchy. It was wonderful. The fries I was surprisingly fond of as well. They weren’t my usual preferred crunchy, but so well seasoned I devoured them. The beef plate was also good. Again the meat was flavorful and juicy, the salad was refreshing, and the hummus was amazing. The rice was slightly sweet, which I wasn’t a fan of, but that just may be me. Overall for a more healthy lunch option, I Grill was very good.

Burgers in the back of a Liquor Store

7 Aug

The Standing Room

144 N Catalina Ave
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Mon 11am – 8pm / Tues – Sat 11am – 9:30pm / Sun Noon – 9:30pm

**Save money with a soda from the liquor store, but have cash**

Sweet Potato Fries - The Standing Room (Photo by G Hurtado)

Sweet Potato Fries (Photo by G Hurtado)

I don’t spend much time in this area at all, but when my boyfriend had some things to do in the area I wanted to take advantage and try some new food. I did a quick Yelp search for our go to safety meal, burgers, and went to the closest that came up. That lead us to The Standing Room.

Pulling up we were a little confused, until we realized that the burger place was actually in the liquor store and then I got excited; a true unique eats location. After we went in I was even more surprised. Not only is it a burger place in the back of a liquor store, it is a gourmet burger place in the back of a liquor store. Fancy ingredients, complex flavor combos and of course kind of steep prices, not saying the food not worth it, just be warned this isn’t a quick stop cheap eats burger joint.

Cash Burger - The Standing Room (Photo by G Hurtado)

Cash Burger (Photo by G Hurtado)

Once again this a place my boyfriend and I could not agree upon, kind of like our G Burger experience. I love the food, he was less than impressed. He ordered their Cash Burger, which is their version of a Western Bacon Burger, complete with onion ring and BBQ sauce. I did not try it, but he said the flavor was disappointing and the meat was poor quality for the price. I ordered their Classic Burger, which is just that, classic meat, cheese, and thousand island dressing. I loved my burger, thought it was juicy, flavorful and you could really taste the quality of the meat. We shared an order of sweet potato fries, which immediately reminded me of my favorite lunch at CSUF, so they were a hit with me. Crunchy yet fluffy, they were perfect.

Classic Burger - The Standing Room (Photo by G Hurtado)

Classic Burger (Photo by G Hurtado)

Now since The Standing Room is in the back of a liquor store they do not supply you with the traditional eating area, but there is a nice area, few tables and counter with bar stools, out in the parking lot. Since this place is just a few blocks from the beach it is really a nice place to eat, not too hot and a nice ocean breeze on a good day.


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