One World – Vegetarian Cuisine

16 Jan


178 S Glendora Ave
West Covina, CA 91790


Mon-Sat 11 am – 9 pm / Sun 1 pm – 8 pm

Daily Soup - Part of Lunch Special

Daily Soup – Part of Lunch Special

So this may seem a little off theme, with their nicer decor and fancier cuisine, no one would be ashamed to take a date here, but it still meets my requirements – independently owned. Also, tucked away in an old, semi run down shopping center off the 10 freeway in West Covina, it’s a hidden gem.

Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls & Dipping Sauce

I discovered this place in high school, during my brief stunt as a vegetarian. That part of me is long gone, but this place has amazing food whether you are vegetarian or not. It is especially good for those that may be anti-tofu and think of vegetarian food of nothing more then crunching on veggies and soy products, but this place could satisfy nearly any carnivore. Many of my meat eating friends have described some of the food here as a “total mind trip”, you know it isn’t meat, but some of it is oh so convincing.

BBQ Drumsticks

BBQ Drumsticks

A long time friend of mine recently returned from her vacation in Africa and I wanted to go somewhere nice, healthy, and new to celebrate her return. One World was the perfect choice. We started off with some appetizers, she chose spring rolls and I ordered their BBQ drumsticks, a must for anyone when they go, absolute best thing on the menu. The spring rolls were nice and refreshing with crispy veggies, sticky rice, and a nice peanut sauce. The drumsticks were amazing. Some how they have made a soy product feel almost exactly like meat and it is covered in a nice sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. They can be a little messy but are totally worth it.

Philly Dream & Fries

Philly Dream & Fries

For the main course I ordered their philly dream, their take on a philly cheesesteak. It is their “beef” covered in what seems to me a teriyaki sauce, colorful bell peppers, and “cheese”. Honestly it does not taste like any cheesesteak I have had, but it is really good. My friend ordered their indian curry lunch special that came with a soup and ice tea, all for under $6. I have never eaten curry of any sort, but she told me it was really good, compared to curry she has had. Overall we were both very satisfied.

Indian Curry

Indian Curry

Besides what I ordered today I have also had their fried tofu, Secret Love, Grilled Teriyaki Kabobs, and two of their burgers, all very good. My only dissapointments from them would be their pasta salad and iced tea, both were just bland. They have a wide array of desserts that I have always wanted to try, but have never gotten around to. Over all service is good, the setting is bright and welcoming and it is a very nice place to go, for a reasonable price and healthy food. Once a month they have a buffet where you can try a wide array of their food for under $12. Also, important to note, One World has a wide array of vegan options as well.

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