Point Loma Seafoods – Atleast it’s Fresh

22 Jan


2805 Emerson St.
San Diego, CA 92106

Hours (For Food):

7 Days a Week 10:30am – 7pm

**Sushi hours vary & fresh seafood available for purchase**

Fish Plate

Fish Plate

During my recent trip to San Diego, Point Loma Seafoods was located right next to my hotel. Staying so close to the harbor I decided I needed to try some super fresh seafood, it only seemed right. Point Loma Seafoods doubles as a fish market and after seeing all the yummy pictures and great reviews on Yelp, plus its super close, convenient location to my room, I figured this would be a great place to try.

Fried Fish

Sadly it left me, simply put wanting more. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t in any way impressive. The fish did taste nice and fresh. It was not greasy at all, but it really had no flavor, plus I wasn’t a fan of the breading. The tarter sauce was good. Their fried shrimp were nice and meaty, better than the fish, but still pretty bland. Their marinara sauce was flavorless and watery.

Shrimp Plate

Shrimp Plate

The coleslaw tasted like straight cabbage, at best, and really only worked to make my fresh fries nice and soggy. If I had to guess I would assume that the fries were frozen. Again, they were really bland.

Fried Shrimp

The restaurant did have lots of nice seating areas, but if it’s cold your kinda out of luck because almost all the seating is outdoors. Service was good, the employees were nice. They offer sushi, which sadly I was not able to try as the sushi chef had left for the day. All the fresh seafood was cool to see, but overall their food was a little pricy for the portions.


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