Perry’s Cafe

25 Jan


4610 Pacific Hwy
San Diego, CA 92110


7 Days a Week: 6am-2pm

Perry's Mugs

This was the best breakfast I have had in awhile, set over the top by an overall wonderful experience. The set up of this not so little diner reminded me of the old school truck stop diners you see in old movies, but super crowded. Perry’s Cafe definitely needs a larger waiting area, but that did not hurt my experience.

French Toast

French Toast

I’m a huge breakfast fan, so during my trip to San Diego I was super excited to try somewhere new. The parking lot was packed and as I entered the building it was packed, and super loud. Not a loud that gives you a headache, but loud with life. Despite the large crowd waiting, we were sat relatively quick. Immediately our sweet, classic looking waitress came by, gave us our huge menus, and took our drink order.



The menu was full of all the classic choices – eggs, bacon, sausage, omelets, french toast, waffles, pancakes, and things of that source. Lots of butter and grease, but not in a gross way, more of a good, hardy, home cooked style meal. My boyfriend decided on pancakes. They were pretty big, hot, fluffy, and rich. They came with a massive scoop of whipped butter and warmed maple syrup. They were delicious. I decided on french toast. Yummy thick slices of fluffy bread dusted with powdered sugar and served as the pancakes were with lots of whipped butter and syrup. MMMMM is all I can say.

Eggs, Hash Browns, and Sausage

Eggs, Hash Browns, and Sausage

Easily the pancakes and french toast could have satisfied our hunger, but we wanted the full breakfast experience so we ordered eggs, has browns, sausage and biscuits. I prefer my eggs cooked over easy and not many places can get that right. Perry’s hit it right on. My boyfriend ordered his scrambled and I will admit that this was a miss for the cafe. Sadly they tasted fake and a little slimy. The rest of the meal completely made up for the sad eggs.

Huge Biscuit and Butter

Huge Homemade Biscuit and Butter

I personally loved their hash browns, but for anyone who visits it will be a personal preference. The hash browns were thick, so they were nice and crunchy on the top and bottom, but super soft and smooth on the inside. My absolute favorite part of breakfast was their biscuit. Clearly homemade and HUGE, they were the best. They were flaky and buttery, and like everything else served with a massive scoop of butter. They are a must try.


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