Tommy’s Burgers #2 – San Jacinto’s Suprise

8 Feb


230 N San Jacinto St
Hemet, CA 92543


Sun-Thurs 8 am – 10 pm / Fri-Sat 8 am – 11 pm

**They Deliver**

Bacon Cheese Burger

Bacon Cheese Burger

I HATE coming to San Jacinto. No offense to anyone who lives there, has lived there, or will live there, but I just can not stand it there. My dad owned a property out there and despite the many good memories I have out there with him, the last few years that town has nearly become my hell on earth and I dream of the day I never have to return there. Well, I guess I should say dreamt of the day I would never have to return, because after discovering this burger, I may have to continue visiting after my obligations in the town are complete.

Onion Rings

Onion Rings

My boyfriend and I had spent the day clearing out my dad’s old yard. We were dirty, cold, tired, and most of all hungry. We were looking for some hot food to warm us up and give us enough energy for our drive home. Tommy’s Burger’s was pretty close, we had passed it on our way to the hardware store and despite its less then impressive reviews we decided to give it a try. AMAZING DECISION!

Double Cheese Burger

Double Cheese Burger (no onion, tomato, or pickles)

The place seemed like it was relativity recently renovated, with new tables, fresh paint, and new counter tops. Still a skimpy little hole in the wall look, but clean, very very clean and bright. The service here is one of the things that really impressed me and caught me off guard. They have table service! You order your food at the counter and then they will deliver your entire order to your seat. All the girls working were happy and polite too. Then to learn they deliver too, I was completely shocked.

1/4lb Cheeseburger Combo

1/4lb Cheeseburger Combo

Now to get down to business, the important stuff, the food. The burgers were the standard, the works toppings, some kind of thousand island dressing, meat and cheese. What made their burgers so yummy and impressive though were they were super fresh, hot and neat. Lots of times when I order burgers from greasy spoons, the burgers are a little smashed, falling apart or the veggies are not the freshest. Tommy’s Burgers hit the top spot on all categories. They were neatly put together and everything was crisp and fresh. Their french fries were nice and crispy. I was a big fan of their onion rings, that were well battered and stayed together when I bit them.

Chili Cheese Fries

Chili Cheese Fries

Now sadly I can not say Tommy’s hit it on the spot with everything. Compared to the quality of everything else I tried there chili cheese fries were a huge disappointment. They tasted like a can of tomato sauce dumped on some fries topped with cheese. All I could taste was the tomato flavor and nothing could cover it up. Salt, pepper, ranch, it was all tomato. Even with this huge let down I would still recommend this place just steer clear of anything with chili and you should be fine.

2 Responses to “Tommy’s Burgers #2 – San Jacinto’s Suprise”

  1. Andy August 27, 2013 at 5:37 pm #

    Food is great!! but Delivery is very bad,they took over 2 hours to deliver my food and im only a few blocks away they stated the customers who are in restaurant are priority….they really need to rethink that logic!!!

    • Simply Alex August 28, 2013 at 7:27 pm #

      Wow, I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t live near by so I’ve never had the opportunity to try their delivery service. I was shocked when I learned that they had one though. I’m used to pizza and Chinese delivery, but not burgers. If they are going to do delivery though they should rethink that.

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