1 Mar


18013 Valley Blvd
Industry, CA 91744



I have tried multiple things from Alanberto’s. I have had their bean burrito, wet carne asade burrito, multiple tortas, tacquitos, and nachos. Nothing was amazing, nothing was really good, nothing was bad, it is all just pretty mediocre.



I’ll start with the best, their nachos, probably the only thing I would really return their for, but defiantly there are better near by. A plus to Alanberto’s is that it is usually pretty empty so you never have to wait long. The nachos are really meaty, with lots of fresh pico de gallo, but really not much flavor. The cheese, cream, and guacamole do not help much either.Β  The chips are a toss up, sometimes fresh sometimes stale.


The rest of the food their all pretty much falls under the same issues, not bad, but bland. The tortas are sometimes really good, but like the corn chips with the nachos it’s a big toss up on what you’re going to get. More than not it’s a less then impressive sandwich. The tacquitos were clearly frozen, and their beans taste like what you get out of a can. When it came to their wet burrito it was drowning in sauce that was really quite disgusting.

Store Front

This place is located on Valley Blvd, but in a pretty residential area. Right up the street is Giano Middle School and I would bet that look pre-teens and families are what keep this place going.


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