Jim’s Burger – La Puente, CA

7 Mar


505 S Azusa Way
La Puente, CA 91744


Mon-Sun 7 am – 9:30 pm

French Toast Combo

French Toast Combo

Jim’s Burgers is the best fall back choice. Whatever the time of day, but not late night, you can depend on Jim’s Burger to deliver. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, in between snack, they have got something to get you through it.

French Toast

French Toast

Normally I just go there for burgers, but a few weeks ago I decided to give their breakfast a try. On the weekends it is served until 2pm so it’s good for those of you that want to sleep in, but still enjoy your sausage and pancakes.

Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits and Gravy

We tried their pancakes, french toast, eggs, hash browns, sausage, and biscuits and gravy. Although nothing was bad, it was not the greatest breakfast ever, but with this less then 5 minutes away and the closest Denny’s a few blocks further, Jim’s worked to satisfy my afternoon breakfast desire.

Hash Bowns

Hash Browns

The french toast was decent, however where most places dust their french toast with powdered sugar, Jim’s tops theirs with cinnamon. Most of it soaked into the bread with the butter, but honestly what was left was slightly off putting. The pancakes were good, just basic old pancakes. In my opinion they beat Denny’s. The sausage was a cased sausage which I personally love, so they were a win.



We ordered two kinds of eggs, scrambled and over easy. The over easy amazed me. Very few places get it right so I was shocked when a burger joint got it right on. The scrambled eggs were not so lucky. Slimy and tasteless, they tasted like egg beaters, not real eggs. The has browns were enjoyable, crunchy on the outside smooth on the inside. As for the biscuits and gravy, you could tell that there was real sausage grease in the gravy which however fatty was AWESOME. The biscuits were a bit tough for my taste, I prefer flakier ones.


Double Cheeseburger

Now onto lunch. I have had burgers here many times and they never fail me. The service is always quick, most of the workers are pretty friendly and the burgers and fries are always hot and fresh. The burgers are your standard greasy spoon fare, cheese, “secret sauce” aka 1000 island, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onion. The meat has a nice charbroiled taste. The fries  are awesome. I do not know what it is about them, good size cut maybe, but they are one of my favorites.

Cheeseburger Combo

Cheeseburger Combo

One last thing that I often order from there but have failed to photograph, nachos. Very impressive. From the texture and thickness of the chips I am going to call homemade. Really good, lots of toppings, and as long as you aren’t going too close to closing they will be fresh.



The decor of Jim’s is pretty run down. It looks like it may have been really cool, 1950s diner retro, but now has become a little run down. Not dirty, but more like they do not care about the appearance any longer. I say good, the food is good and the look adds to this little burger place’s personality.


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