Sake Sushi

21 Mar

Sake SushiLocation:

20795 Amar Rd
Walnut, CA 91789

**Located across from Mount San Antonio College**

Crunch Roll

Crunch Roll

Let me begin by telling you this, I just discovered sushi. I ate it for the first time a little over two years ago and since it is somewhat of an expensive dish, I have only been able to indulge myself a few times. That being said, I am no expert on sushi by any means and this review is purely from a person who loves food, and is still testing the waters on this Japanese dish.

Crunch Roll

Sake Sushi was the first place I ever had sushi, my boyfriend took me there shortly after we started dating. I’ll be honest I was horrified. My idea of sushi was raw, slimy, sashimi; I never had realized what a wide variety there was and how many cooked options there were.Β  I know see how much I was missing out and now find myself actually carving sushi.

Fried Lobster Roll

Fried Lobster Roll

The first time I went we ordered their crunch roll and fried lobster roll (they now have become our two staples every time we go). Filled with crab, shrimp, cucumber and avocado, topped with a yummy sweet teriyaki sauce and crushed tempura it is my absolute favorite. I love to start my meal off with this cold, fantastic roll.

Fried Lobster Roll

The second staple for us is my boyfriends favorite, the fried lobster roll. From what I can tell the base roll is very similar to the crunch roll, but rather than sprinkled with tempura is fully fried itself. The roll is then topped, the plate over flowing, with chunks of fried lobster. It is wonderful. This is the first and only way I have had lobster, always been more of a crab person, but I would not change a thing about this roll.

Samurai Roll

Samurai Roll

Every time we go we make a habit of trying something new, this time we tried two. The first roll we tried was their samurai roll. I say that this was my first step towards raw. The roll was a salmon roll, the outside piece fried and fully cooked. In the center was a piece of raw salmon and cucumber. The roll was not bad, but not one of my personal favorites.

Samurai Roll

The second roll we tried on this visit was their baby lobster roll (I think my boyfriend subconsciously has expensive taste). We chose this roll because it was supposed to be on of their hot rolls. Depending on the food, I can be highly sensitive to heat, but this roll barely had a kick. This roll overall though was pretty good. Normally I have not been a fan of baked rolls, but the texture of this one did not bother me. Although not hot the kick was pleasant.

Baby Lobster Roll

Baby Lobster Roll

Located right across the street from Mt.SAC, this place is surprisingly usually quite empty. The ambiance is very nice, and quite. This place has a feel appropriate for a night out with friends or an intimate date. The service is very nice and highly attentive.


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