My Childhood Pizza Joint – New York Pizza

12 May


364 N Lemon Ave
Walnut, CA 91789


Mon-Thurs 11 am-10 pm/Fri 11 am-11 pm/Sat 11 am-10 pm/Sun 12 am-9 pm

**Monday Night large pizza special**


Pepperoni Pizza

A dollar worth of quarters, a free afternoon with my dad, and an empty stomach after school, if I was lucky this is where we would go. My dad would order me garlic bread, with a side of ranch, a watermelon shaved ice, a beer for him, and if I was lucky maybe a small pizza. As we would wait for our food, he would sip his beer while he cheered me on as raced on one of their little quarter machines. This place holds so many special memories.


I have grown up on New York Pizza. Despite that my dad did not discover it until I was probably nearly 10 it still feels like a staple to my childhood. He discovered it on his lunch one day and decided to bring me home one of their shaved ices. I spent a large part of my childhood at the river and loved the Hawaiian ices that you can find in the little shacks there, so he thought it would be a nice surprise. My cherry shaved ice was awesome, maybe not as smooth as the ones I got at the river, but it was great and shortly after that he took my mom and I for dinner. Since then I have been hooked on New York Pizza.


Garlic Bread and Side Salad

As starters they serve mainly thin crust which I prefer, barely there. As a side not they do serve a deep dish, which is massive, and I have tried once, which is also good if you prefer a thick crust, but its very heavy and I struggled to finish more than one piece. I could eat an entire small pizza of their regular crust no problem. They have a really thin sauce, that is not too strong and they do not add too much which is also a huge plus for me and their cheese is nice and they add just the right amount. Being a college student, I love that their pizza is even good cold and reheated. Every time I would go with my parents they would order their anti pasta salad packed with lots of deli meat, but now I prefer their classic side salad. A side a garlic bread and that normally completes my meal. Besides my usual I have also eaten their lasagna, cheese bread, hot wings, and my dad was a fan of their subs.

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