$3.99 Pizza Company

15 May


2435 S Azusa Ave
West Covina, CA 91792

**Large dinning area, TVs, and games, great for large groups**


In middle school and high school one of my best friends loved this place, or at least made me eat it quite a bit. Thinking back now maybe that is simply because it was the closest pizza place to her house. Either way, many a weekend she would have me walk with her to go pick up pizza from 3.99, almost three blocks away. Cheese and mushroom for me and plain (I mean only sauce) for her, and than we would walk all the way back.


Large Pepperoni Pizza

Last time I was here was probably over six years ago, until recently and I do not think I will be returning anytime soon. Although before I begin my bitching I will say they have a large area, lots of sitting area, large TVs, several quarter games, and really well priced family meals, so this may be a good choice for large groups on a budget with little ones. Now onto the bitching.


Italian Cheese Bread

I really did not enjoy the pizza, too much sauce and the sauce had an oddly sweet taste to it. Also, even though it looked like a good amount of cheese I could barely taste it. Ingredients were not evenly distributed so I would get pockets of the gross, sweet sauce randomly.


Jalapeno Poppers

The only thing I will say I truly enjoyed there was there Italian cheese bread, although it was nothing like I was expecting. I was anticipating gooey mozzarella melted on garlic bread, but instead what I received was cheese practically baked onto the bread. It did not look appealing or promising to me, but surprisingly packed a cheesy punch, much more than the pizza. Also, the bread was surprisingly fluffy.


The worse thing we bought from there was their jalapeno poppers. Description said they were filled with mozzarella, but after eating them I would swear it was cream cheese. Although larger than most poppers, really no taste besides sour, not creamy, cheese.


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