Battle of the Gemini Food Trucks – Truck #1

5 Jun


Between Zenith Ave. & N. Sandalwood Ave. off of Azusa Ave. in La Puente, CA


Evenings to late night, 7 days a week


Carne Asada Tacos

Sometime in this past year this food truck popped up in my boyfriend’s neighborhood. We talked about trying it since it popped up, but never got around to it until a second truck popped up just up the street. This battle of the Gemini Food Trucks peaked our interest and one night after our run, we stopped in for a try.


Carne Asada Torta

We kept it simple just a few tacos the first time. Plain carne asada. Not the best tacos of my life, but pretty good. The service was quick and the food was fresh. I had heard rumors of oily tacos, but the ones I received were not greasy at all.


That same weekend, too lazy to drive anywhere for food we stopped there again, so it is good enough for a second trip. This time we added a torta to the mix. Torta was not bad, but was not impressive either. Beans, meat, tomato, lettuce, but pretty much lacking in overall flavor. I would personally stick to just the tacos.



The truck offers a variety of salsas and from time to time free chips, fruit, and pickled peppers. I am not a sauce person, but I personally loved their green sauce. My boyfriend was not such a fan of any. He said they lacked flavor.



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