California Strawberry Festival

24 Jun


Oxnard, CA


Mid May, Fri-Sun 10am-6:30pm


Strawberry Nachos

Every May Oxnard has their annual California Strawberry Festival. I battled with myself for quite a while on whether or not festivals, fair, and carnival foods would fit in with the types of food I want to feature and ultimately as you can see I decided to move ahead with it. Fair food may not be an eatery that one can visit whenever they like, but often year after year similar, if not the same vendors are often present and you can often find some delicious, unique eats.


Spiral Fries w/ Chili & Cheese

Oxnard’s California Strawberry Festival featured many different kinds of foods and beverages including the usual fair food, plus specialty wines, things like strawberry pizza, crab fries, and much much more. I was only able to try a limited amount, but from what I did get to indulge in I was pretty happy with.


We decided when we first arrived that we had to try one of their specialty strawberry dishes. We could chose between strawberry pizza, shortcake, tacquitos, fried strawberries, or what we ultimately went with, strawberry nachos. They were good, but not mind blowing. The chips are more pie crust like, not sure if it was fried or baked. The “chips” are then coated, heavily, with cinnamon sugar. The “chips” are then topped with a strawberry topping. Best way I could describe this is similar to an strawberry ice cream topping, with large chunks of strawberries. That is then topped with whipped cream, a few fresh strawberries, and “chip” crumbs. Good, but easily achieved at home.


Bratwurst and Garlic Fries

Next we tried the spiral fries with cheese and chili. They were huge, hot, flavorful, and over all amazing! Probably one of the best chili cheese fries I have ever eaten and the reaction of people as they walked by just added to the experience. The fries were fried while still tightly wound, so it was like a solid block of fries. That is then topped with chili and cheese. Although it was clear that the chili was probably canned and it was just basic cheese, but for some reason it was phenomenal. People that saw us sitting with it walked by and made comments like, “good luck eating that” and “you’ll be working at that all day.” No lie, we finished it in under 10 minutes.


One of the Strawberry Wines

The final food item we tried there was a bratwurst and garlic fries. We enjoyed the sausage, but there was nothing unique or really special about it. The bun was even a little too large for it. The garlic fries were really good though. Hot, crunchy, and lots of fresh garlic. Served with a little bit of ranch and mmmm I was a happy eater.


Strawberry Smoothie

Now onto the beverages. They had smoothies, the usual sodas, lots if lemonade, and multiple alcoholic beverages. They had large booths with multiple unique wines and beers, berry flavored. Things like strawberry wine and raspberry beer. They also had strawberry margaritas, which just by walking by the booth it was clear they were super strong. I am a huge fan of smoothies and I did get to try one. It was like a cold, liquid strawberry, oddly yummy.


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