In ‘N’ Out? I Think Not

2 Jul


12300 Valley Blvd
El Monte, CA 91732

**Drive thru is SLOW**


I have wanted to try this place since I first found out it existed. I stumbled across it on Yelp! and shortly thereafter realized I had driven past it multiple times. The idea of imitating the great In’N’Out, and than taking it a step further peaked my curiosity. After months of anticipation, Big D’s Enter Out Burger did not disappoint.


My boyfriend and I ordered our regular In’N’Out order so we could properly analyze their concept and than topped it off with an order of their chili cheese fries. Everything was delicious!


Double D

When the order arrived you honestly could not tell the difference between an In’N’Out order and Big D’s. Box, wrapped burgers, baskets of fries with a napkin laid over the top, and a single salt packet placed atop each order. If the cups would have been adorned with the classic read and white palm trees I personally believe it would have been difficult to tell the difference.


Single Cheeseburger

I ordered a single and my boyfriend got Big D’s version of a double double or as they name it double D burger. Lots of cheese, thin juicy patty, shredded lettuce, and their sauce. It tasted exactly like In’N’Out, maybe even a little better. Their fries were thin and crispy, no complaint there. And than there was the chili cheese fires. Honestly the color almost scared me away. They did not look very appealing, but looks were deceiving. The chili had a really nice flavor and they definitely do not skimp. I recommend you give them a try.


Chili Cheese Fries

If you are ever in the El Monte area I highly recommend you swing by Big D’s, especially if you are an In’N’Out fan. They offer all the classic In’N’Out items, burgers and even animal style fries, along with much more, fish and chips, chicken, and even fish if I remember correctly.


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