Alanberto’s is Now Rolberto’s

12 Jul

Awhile back I reviewed a place called Alanberto’s on Giano and Valley. Well a few months ago the name changed. I finally got around to trying them recently and from what I can tell all that has changed is the name. The food seemed pretty much the same, possibly a bit better.


Enchilada Plate

I did try a few new things and they were all quite good. Their enchiladas were not the best, but only because the cheese was not melted fully, but it was late on the 4th of July and I think they wanted to go home. Reheated they were awesome. I loved their beans.



Their nachos are pretty awesome although I wish they would just flip them over, meat is on top while sour cream and guacamole lay on the bottom.


Burger Plate

My boyfriend loves their burgers, I am not so impressed, but their fries are good.

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