Overwhelming Madness on Lower Azusa

14 Aug


10308 Lower Azusa Rd
El Monte, CA 91731


7 Days a Week 11 am – 12 am


Iced Strawberry Green Tea

Cha Cafe is this little Asian Fusion restaurant tucked away in a corner in El Monte. My boyfriend works near by and his co-workers, supposedly are always talking about it. He has tried a few things from there and one day finally decided to take me for a taste bud adventure. Walking in I was a little nervous, I have never eaten any sort of fusion food, and once I looked at the menu I was completely overwhelmed. There is so much to choose from, from many different teas to lots of yummy looking dishes.


Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Cha Cafe has so many different drinks to chose from. Ranging from traditional sodas, to smoothies, and a ton of different teas. My boyfriend ordered an iced strawberry green tea and I ordered a strawberry banana smoothie. They were both delicious! I am not a fan of iced green tea, but this was wonderful. Honestly it did not really taste like any iced green tea I have ever had. It was refreshing and just the right amount of sweet. I loved my smoothie so much that it was hard not to finish it immediately. It was thick, creamy, and fresh, mmmmm.


Ninja Fries

We ordered two appetizers. The first one we received was something called ninja fries. It is a pumpkin or some kind of squash fry served with a spicy dipping sauce. I have never had pumpkin in this way and it was really good. The texture was smooth almost creamy, but being fried it kept it’s bite. The creaminess paired with the spicy sauce was amazing. I highly recommend trying it.


Spring Rolls

The second appetizer we shared was their spring rolls.Β  They were good, but with so many wonderful things to excite you on the menu you could probably pass these. Compared to everything else I tried on this visit they were pretty generic. Well prepared, but could probably be found anywhere. They did come with a nice sweet and sour sauce that I found very enjoyable.


Beef Wang Box

Now for the main dishes. My boyfriend and I shared two. He ordered their beef wang box and oh my god it was yummy. I preferred it over my own plate. It was filled with so much flavor and so much texture that it was really quite hard to identify it all. Thinking back on it now I am surprised the overwhelming amount worked, but it did. From the description I learned it had kalbi beef, mushrooms, eggs, and cha sauce (spicy dipping sauce served with ninja fries), served on rice and topped with green onions. Really good, but it goes on forever.


Kalbi Beef CheeseSteak

I ordered their kalbi beef cheesesteak. This is their take on the classic cheesesteak. Theirs is kalbi beef, red bell peppers, and onions, with green onions, sesame seeds, cha sauce, and mozzarella. It was yummy, but a lot of the flavor sinks to the bottom and is sucked up by the roll. I would also enjoy it more if it had a little more cheese or more cha sauce. Just a little something extra. It is served with some pretty impressive fries, classic potato kind.


Pineapple Cherry Hawaiian Shaved Ice

I am a sucker for Hawaiian shaved ice, so even though I was stuffed, before I left I had to try one. With each order you get to choose two flavors, I went with the traditional cherry and, one of my favorites, pineapple. The texture was not the smooth, fluffy, Hawaiian ice that I look for, but it was not as chunky as some ices that are advertised as Hawaiian. What knocked this Hawaiian ice over the top was their flavors, specifically in my case the pineapple. Hawaiian ices or any shaved ice in general has the possibly of becoming overly sweet with the syrups. Cha Cafe’s pineapple was surprisingly tart, but when paired with the nice sweet cherry it was perfect. Also, they do not drench the ice in syrup, which I appreciate.



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