My Favorite Fair of the Summer

10 Sep


1101 W. Mckinley Ave.
Pomona, CA 91768

Hours: Wed 12 pm – 10 pm / Thu 12 pm – 11 pm / Fri 12 pm – 12 am / Sat 10 am – 12 am / Sun 10 am – 10 pm

End of August – September

**Opening weekend has $1 tickets before 1pm**


Maple Bacon Doughnut

With back to school and the end of summer I have kind of been MIA from here for awhile, but I am back and bring goodies from my favorite fair of the summer. Labor Day weekend I was fortunate enough to go to L.A. County Fair‘s opening weekend and despite the heat it was so much fun! We usually make the mistake of grabbing a bite to eat before we hit the grounds, but this year we made sure that we were nice and hungry when we got there.


Deep Fried Hot Dog and Cheeseburger

We started our day at the fair off with a giant maple bacon doughnut for breakfast. It was delicious. Better than the one I enjoyed at the San Diego Fair. It was hot, and fluffy, with just the right amount of sweet and salty. The bacon on this one seemed to stay in place much better than in San Diego and the maple was not as grainy. Highly recommend you grab one.


Chili Cheese Brick

For lunch we decided to grab some deep fried fun. My boyfriend got his classic deep fried cheeseburger and I got my deep fried hot dog. Normally both are huge hits for us. The deep fried cheeseburger seemed even better this year. Extra sauce is the only thing I could guess was the reason. My hot dog was a bit of a let down, but I’ll let it slide because every other time it has been phenomenal. This time round it was soggy and oily where normally it is juicy with an awesome snap.


Monster Corn Dog

After that a we decided we would attack our brick fries. Normally we get them plain this time we oped for chili cheese. Every year these monster things defeat us, we have not once been able to complete them. We usually get them late in the visit, this time we thought if we tried them earlier we could finish them. Sadly year three was another defeat, but they were so hot, crunchy, and flavorful.


Lemon Italian Ice

To go with our brick of fries we got a fair tradition and one of our all time favorites, a giant corn dog, foot-long. As always this was not a let down. Fresh out of the fryer it was crunch, moist, and just perfect all around. No one can beat L.A. County Fair’s monster dogs. After that we let things settle and than decided to try something a little more refreshing. We got a lemon Italian ice. I have never tried to ones sold at the fair, but this was phenomenal. The ice was smoothed and flavored just right.


Deep Fried Klondike Bar

Now for what county fairs are known for the deep fried goodies, from Twinkies to cool-aid. I have two personal favorites the Klondike bar and Oreos. When made right the deep fried klondike bar is a party in your mouth. The chocolate coating melts with the batter for a crunchy, chocolaty, doughy experience. The ice cream that melts stays cool so there is a hot cold combination. The best part the center of the bar stays frozen and it is such a nice treat. The Oreos are fun because they turn into something similar to a dense doughnut hole.


Deep Fried Oreo

Some other treats I have enjoyed at the fair include their deep fried Reese’s and Snickers. I am not a very big fan of either. The Reese’s is too try and the nougat in the snickers was not appealing. I love the gelato that is available the the fair, especially the mango with little bits of fresh fruit. I have not had good experiences with the blooming onion, but others seem to love them.

This is just a sample of the many things I have tried at the fair, there are so many others. The fun of the fair is trying weird fatty delights, so I recommend you head out the fair if you can and try as much as you can.


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