No More Jim’s Burgers

28 Oct

I have talked about Jim’s Burgers multiple times, from their burgers to their breakfast. Since I first tried them they have been a go to burger place for me. Never my top choice, but always good and reliable. Sadly now though I have to retract my recommendation and won’t be going there again. When I really like a place I am usually pretty understanding about off days and a messed up order here and there, but Jim’s Burgers had too many shots.

The last four times I went to Jim’s they messed up. Once was for breakfast where they cooked my eggs wrong, I ordered over easy and they gave me scrambled, and I ordered a combo with sausage and when I got home there was nothing. The last three times were all burger mistakes. I am a very simple burger person, I order mine plain with just dressing and lettuce. The last three times at Jim’s I have gotten onions. I could over look that once or even every once in awhile, but really three times in a row? What really got me was this last time I actually saw them put onions than read the slip, realize the mistake and scrap off the onions with their hand, instead of getting a new bun. Lastly, the very last time I was there they served me hard burnt fries. Huge disappointment.

Since all this has happened I have stopped going there and moved my business up the street to Tasty Choice.


Hard Burnt Fries


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