Another In N Out-esque Spot in El Monte

1 Nov


11629 E Valley Blvd
El Monte, CA 91732


Mon-Sat 7 am – Midnight / Sun 8 am – Midnight



I have found yet another In N Out wannabe in El Monte. Similar to Big D’s Enter Out, Arts is a burger joint in El Monte serving In N Out style burgers with a much larger menu. Serving from a location that looks as if it could be a classic In N Out stand, Art’s serves many things from breakfast burritos on their breakfast menu to something they call monster fries on their lunch and dinner menu.


Double Cheeseburger

Their burgers are very much composed the way an In N Out burger is. Thin meat, cheese, dressing, lettuce, tomato and optional onions. We ordered a single and a double. To be completely honest, I think I may have enjoyed their burgers more than In N Out’s. It was really yummy, juicy, flavorful, and had well proportioned flavors. We got our burgers to go and even after a 15 minute car ride they were still all of these things. I can only imagine what they are like fresh!


Onion Rings

Besides fries, Art’s is serving up some pretty yummy onion rings. Like I already said, our order was to go so all our food was stuck in a paper bag for 15 minutes, and again like the burgers, even after that the onion rings were some of the best I have had from a fast food place. The batter stayed on the rings and the onion was tender enough I could bite through it. The worst thing to happen when eating onion rings is to take all the onion in one bite or lose all the batter after one bite.


Chili Cheese Fries

The last thing we ordered was their chili cheese fries. They were ok. After everything was so good I was shocked that the chili was not at the same level. The fries did not stand up to the chili very well and although not unbearable the chili was super salty.

Although I recommend giving them a try I would skip the chili fries, maybe even fries all together.

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