Miki House

7 Nov


2423 S Azusa Ave
West Covina, CA 91792



I have never had Filipino food before so I am not sure what it is normally like, but after eating at Miki House it is hard for me to have any desire to try it again (although for my foodie heart’s sake I will try somewhere different someday in the future). I just did not enjoy the food. It wasn’t that the food was bad, everything just tasted the same and in my opinion that one taste wasn’t very delicious.


Miki House Special

I ordered three things from there. We got their lumpia, kikiam, and theirΒ Miki House Special. Lumpia, from what I could tell is like an egg roll. It was ok, but very bland. Kikiam is a type of roll stuffed with a mixture of pork and seafood. From research I learned that the casing is bean curd skin. Again, it was ok, but just had an overall odd taste to me, maybe I am not used to the flavor of pig and fish. The last dish we ordered was the Miki House Special, which at first I really liked, but as I ate it, it slowly began to taste exactly like the kikiam. The special is a mixture of noodles and meat, including kikiam pieces. It to me seemed like leftovers mixed in a dish.

Overall everything I ate there tasted very similar, kind of bland, and just unimpressive for the most part. It was also a very heavy dish.

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