Say No to Slider City

1 Dec


7900 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046


I tried Slider City at the LA County Fair and it was by far the biggest disappointment of my fair/festival season. All it was, was a massive waste of money that left me angry, no where near satisfied and still super hungry.


We ordered their 3 slider combo where you get to pick any three of their sliders and get some fries to go with it. The truck uses catchy names for their burgers so I can’t recall what I got, besides the Vegas slider, but I do remember the burgers clearly. I’ll start with the Vegas slider since I remember its name. The Vegas slider is a surprise slider and I guess comes different every time. We lucked out with a slice of either ham or turkey, it had no favor to identify it. The unidentifiable meat was than topped with old, chalky, bagged cheddar.


The other two burgers, although sounded very different were I was barely able to tell the difference. One was supposed to be a type of chili burger slider while the other was a mushroom slider. Both came with microscopic meat, maybe the size of a quarter, again had the chalky cheese and each had some kind of sauce that tasted the same. The mushroom slider had one mushroom that was tiny and canned.


Instead of regular fries we opted for chili fries with our combo, huge mistake. A can of salty beans and you guessed it, nasty chalky cheddar. I could barely stomach them.


Luckily our meal was saved by frozen, easily made at home chicken strips. This was the best part of our experience, but they were chicken strips you could prepare yourself at home and was served with a store bought ranch. With this combo we were able to try their fries on their own. Not much better than with chili. They were soggy, no were near crispy and had no flavor at all.



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