The Fluffiest Pancakes Ever!

30 Dec


640 W Rt 66
Glendora, CA 91740


Mon-Sat 6 am – 3 pm / Sun 7 am – 3 pm

**Second Location in Orange**


Brick French Toast with Blueberry Compote

I love breakfast, but breakfast places can get a little repetitive. To be note worthy you either must be doing something different or doing it perfect. Flappy Jacks is taking breakfast to another level, with a menu like a short story and countless breakfast options ranging from french toast, to waffles, signature pancakes, and fancy omelets.


I have wanted to try Flappy Jacks since I heard of it, and was so excited to finally get a chance. The lines can get crazy on the weekends though so I had to get their pretty early. Arrived at about 7:30 AM and was seated immediately, but shortly after the line began to quickly form. We ordered so much food. We got their German pancake, brick french toast, biscuits and gravy, their classic pancakes, eggs, and sausage.


Biscuits and Gravy

I’ll start with the basics. The biscuits and gravy were sort of a let down. Not much sausage and not much flavor. Eating them left me feeling very heavy. I recommend skipping them, a waste of limited tummy space. The eggs were well prepared, I order mine over easy which seems to be the hardest egg for a place to make because very few places get it right and Flappy Jacks was right in cue. The yolk was nice and creamy and the whites were fully cooked. The sausage is just sausage, nothing special.


German Pancake

Now onto the fun stuff. I ordered their brick french toast with blueberry compote. Brick french toast is a huge chuck of french toast stuffed with sweet cream. It comes with three, be warned, they are huge. After one and a half bricks I was stuffed. I really enjoyed this dish. Normally stuffed french toast is filled with an overly sweet cream, but Flappy Jacks got it just right.


The BEST Pancakes

My boyfriend ordered their German pancake and was very disappointed. Although it is a striking dish to order and very cool to look at, it will only be satisfying to select people. My boyfriend is not one of those people. If you have never had a German pancake be warned it is similar in texture to a sweeten crepe and is served with lemon, butter and syrup. It is a very light, delicate dish, not super hearty.


Hands down, the absolute best thing at Flappy’s was their pancakes. They were super fluffy and light, not overly sweet and a nice soft texture. I am not a huge fan of pancakes normally prefer french toast or waffles, but I would eat these any day.


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