My First Raw Sushi

3 Jan

Sushi is definitely a dish that has grown on me quickly. Before writing this blog it was a dish I never ate and, besides possibly pork pad Thai, it is one of the dishes I love most now. That being said I have always been horrified to eat anything raw. Recently, I finally ventured into that uncooked area and it really was not that bad. At Sake Sushi I ordered a crazy roll to go with my normal crunch roll and lobster roll. I had imagined raw fish to be slimy and gross, but it was not that big of a difference compared to my normal rolls. The raw fish was just cold and soft and is only noticeable at first bite. I don’t know what I was afraid of.


Crazy Roll

This time round I also decided to indulge in a dish I had tried once as a young kid, fried ice cream. When I was little I remember once going to a sushi bar with my brother and him ordering me a green tea tempura fried ice cream. I remembered loving it, but have never given myself a chance to try it again, until now. I got a vanilla tempura fried ice cream and it was delicious!


Tempura Fried Ice Cream


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