Golden Noodle and Grill

7 Jan


19756 E Colima Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748


7 days a week 10am – 9pm


Strawberry Milkshake and Thai Ice Tea

I live in an area with an abundance of pho places along with any other Asian cuisine one may desire. Despite that, Golden Noodle & Grill is the first pho location near me I have tried and I must say I was very satisfied.


Rare Steak Pho

To drink, my boyfriend ordered their Thai tea, as usual, and I ordered their strawberry milkshake. Unlike Pho Ha’s strawberry milkshake I was not in love. It was icy and flavorless with way too much boba. Beyond the drinks though I must say I was satisfied.


Grilled Pork Plate

My boyfriend ordered their rare steak pho. Again I did not try much of it, but according to him the flavor was good, and the meat abundant. He did however have two small complaints – it was a little greasy for him and unlike most pho places Golden Noodle only offers one size bowl.

I ordered their grilled pork plate. Mmmmm it was so delicious. I desperately want to compare it to a teriyaki chicken, but that does not do it justice. The pork is tendered and sweet, yet sour, with a hint of garlic. It is a must try.


Pork Sandwich

We ordered their pork sandwich to share and instantly after tasting it I decided that I would rather come here for a $3.99 sandwich for a quick lunch than pick up a 99 cent McChicken from McDonald’s across the street. The sandwich is a french baguette stuffed with their grilled pork, and a type of mayo slaw consisting of carrots and I believe one other vegetable. It was delicious!

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