Tasty Choice – Breakfast Edition

22 Jan

Although I had decided quite awhile ago that Tasty Choice was my new Jim’s Burgers, I had yet to try their breakfast to see how they compared, until now. Not only is Tasty Choice far above Jim’s Burger’s in customer service and burger quality, now their breakfast wins too.


Pancake Plate with Eggs Sunny Side Up

Tasty Choice’s pancakes are fluffy and sweet, with a really nice texture As I have said before I am really not a pancake person, but theirs was really quite good.



Their hashbrowns were a little bit of a let down. The outside was perfectly crunchy, just the way I like them, but they are way too thick so the inside gets really mushy. Slightly unpleasant to eat.


Pancake Plate with Scrambled Eggs

Now onto eggs and sausage. My boyfriend ordered this for me so instead of over easy, he got me sunny side up, same consistency, just usually harder to get right. I was shocked they executed them perfectly. My boyfriend got scrambled and said they were really good too. The sausage was nothing too impressive, reminded me of something you could make at home, but it was a nice addition to the breakfast. Overall it was a good experience.


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