Family and Frat Boy Friendly

7 Feb


3557 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92501


Mon-Sun 11:30 am – Midnight


Jalapeno Cheese Fries

I LOVE hot dogs, have all my life. I love my hot dogs plain, simple, mustard only. That is until I was forced to try an LA street dog. Bacon, wrapped and smothered in all its topping glory, I fell in love and since than have been much more willing to branch out of my hot dog comfort zone. D-Dogs was my first real adventure. Sadly it was a bit of a let down.

The setup at D-Dogs is awesome! Huge bar with tons of beer, well lit, lots of space, and big screen TVs. Despite the huge bar, its cleanliness and open space makes any family feel comfortable bringing their young kids in. The menu and way you order is also a pretty cool experience. You get to pick whether you want a burger or a hot dog, from there you pick your meat – sausage, kosher, casing, things like that – and then the type of bread you want. After that it is toppings galore, for a flat price you can pick as many as you want and they have a lot. They also have pre-designed toppings you can pick and that is the route we went.


D’Southwest Dog

I ordered the Southwest hot dog which comes with, bacon, green chili, grilled onions, and a chipotle cream sauce. My boyfriend ordered their Tijuana with bacon, tomatoes, grilled onions, fried jalapenos, spicy ketchup, mayo cream sauce, and guacamole. Oddly enough both lacked flavor and they were both so overloaded with stuff that it was impossible to eat, even with a fork and through dissection you could never get all the flavors in one bite. This restaurant has a really cool idea, it just does not work quite right.

This place also has a variety of appetizers to chose from. After great debate between Mac and Cheese Bites or Jalapeno Cheese Fries, we went with the latter and it was a major disappointment. For being jalapeno fries there were very little, the cheese lacked flavor and the fries were just sad, no flavor, no salt, no crunch.


D’Tijuana Dog

The one thing they do right is there liquor. Tons of beer and tons of wine, you just better be super educated on liquors or have the patience to read through their extensive menu. I know nothing about beer, but my boyfriend and I had a good time reading through their menu and checking out all the different choices before picking out a few to try.

Despite the disappointment in the food, service was great and it did have a pretty cool atmosphere. If you want to spend a night drinking with friends this is a probably a great stop. I would not go out of my way to give this place a shot, but if you are in the area and want to give something new a try you should consider stopping in.

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