Beware my Fork Wrath

14 Feb


965 S Glendora Ave

West Covina, CA 91790


10am – 9pm Sun – Thurs / 10am – 10pm Fri and Sat


Rare Steak Pho

I feel like lately I have been complaining about service a lot lately, but this place has been one of the worse, as far as frustration goes. When we arrived at Golden Noodle and Grill Vietnamese Restaurant they took our order fairly quick, but it was the last thing they did quick the entire night. They also were not the most talkative.

My boyfriend ordered their rare steak pho and I got their pork vermicelli with an egg roll. They asked no questions as we ordered or really said anything. Asked if we were ready to order, stood silent as we ordered and then simply walked away when we were done talking. They brought us our food, in an ok amount of time, but again did not say a word.


Pork Vermicelli with an Egg Roll

Now at this point I would have liked to begin eating, but I am not the greatest at eating with chopsticks. I am trying to learn, but haven’t really gotten it down yet. Most places I have gone to ask if we would like a fork or at least have been very accommodating if I ask. Not here. After they gave us our food they began to literally avoid us, no matter what I did to get their attention they would look away or pretend not to see me. I tried the chopsticks, but it wasn’t going well and I was starving. Finally I got up and went to the register. The man there also ignored me. I stood there, in front of his face a good two minutes before he even acknowledge me. He wasn’t helping anyone either. After that we never interacted with another person again.


Pho Extras, Thai Tea and Water

As far as the food goes the flavor was decent, but portions were horrible. We were only offered one size pho and the amount of meat on my dish was very depressing. Price was slightly higher than most places I have been going to lately as well. I won’t be back and I don’t recommend trying them either, much better places in the area.


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