Little Piece of New York in West Covina

24 Feb


648 S Sunset Ave

West Covina, CA 91790

Hours: 7 days a week 6am – 8pm


Little Italy Panini

Beyond a handful of Subways, there really aren’t that many sandwich shops around me. At least any that I have been able to track down. That being said, I was thrilled to find New York’s Finest Bakery and Cafe, tucked away in a corner near the West Covina Mall. Walking in my excitement peaked, so cute with many displays filled with yummy sweet treats. Sadly that’s where the WOW stopped.

We were starving so we ordered a lot of food to try.


Cheeseburger with Salami

We ordered their Little Italy Panini, genoa salami, mortadella, provolone cheese, sweet peppers, oil and vinegar. For $7.50 it comes with the sandwich and your choice of macaroni salad of coleslaw. Upon seeing the size of the sandwich I immediately decided that it was way over priced. The sandwich is not much bigger than a deck of cards. The macaroni salad tasted like plain pasta. The taste of the sandwich was good, you could taste all the meats and the cheeses. The bread was way over grilled though and much too hard. Biting into the sandwich all I got was an over whelming mouthful of dry crumbs.


Fish and Chips Dinner

My boyfriend ordered their cheeseburger and asked for them to add salami to it. First off the salami request completely threw them off and the woman taking my order seemed so shocked and confused on why I would want that. Beyond that the burger was eh. $4.50 for the burger alone and it was really nothing impressive. All the flavor was coming from the salami we added. The beef was dry. Overall the burger was boring.


Chocolate Roulade, Fresh Strawberry Cake, Red Velvet Cupcake

We ordered fish and chips to share. I am happy to say, these were amazing and I would return for these. The fries were not the best,slightly soggy and not too flavorful, clearly made from frozen. IMG_3445The fish on the other hand was hot, tasted fresh, and not greasy at all. Overall a pretty nice dish, especially compared to everything else. Also, the best for the price at $7.99 including french fries, salad, coleslaw, IMG_3446and bread.

Now onto my favorite part of life…pastries!

Walking into this place I was amazed at all the beautiful pastries and cakes they had, upon tasting them I could not have been more disappointed. I ordered a large variety to IMG_3447try including a red velvet cupcake, fresh strawberry cake, chocolate roulade, a chocolate chip cookie, a chocolate croissant, a cream puff, and a strawberry and cream pastry. The cream puff was the IMG_3444only enjoyable item.

The cakes were hard, dry, and flavorless. The croissant and strawberry and cream pastry was painted in some sort of shiny sugar glaze that was anything, but appealing. The cookie had a chemical after taste and everything seemed well over a day old. The cream puff was passable, but nothing to brag about.

Beyond the fish and chips I do not think I will be back. Service could have been better and the pastries were a major let down. Everything was way over priced to top it all off.


Chocolate Chip Cookie, Strawberry and Cream Pastry, Cream Puff, and Chocolate Croissant

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