Colima Burger Breakfast

27 Feb

I have raved about my favorite burger place, Colima Burgers, many times, but I have never moved away from their lunch and dinner options. Recently I got to rediscover their early morning dishes and it is good to know they haven’t changed.

My dad used to bring me here for breakfast and I used to love it.I have some amazing memories in this place and it is nice to be able to revisit those that don’t revolve around splitting a cheeseburger or zucchini. I have some great memories of sharing a short stack of pancakes with my dad in one of their little booths by their rounded windows.

I love eggs, but only when made at home. As a child I hated all “fast food” eggs, all except Colima Burgers. Their eggs are still amazing. My dad loved their pancakes and I must say they are the best. Hot, fluffy, HUGE, and flavorful! My boyfriend is even in love with them. Their french toast is also pretty awesome. The only place they fail on is their has browns. Sliced too thick, there just isn’t enough crunch for me.


Hash Browns


Eggs, Sausage, Toast, and Hash Browns


French Toast


Scrambled Eggs and Sausage


Full Stack of Pancakes



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