Thai BBQ & Seafood

20 Mar


1559 E Amar Rd, Ste D
West Covina, CA 91792


Honey Duck

I have tried Thai BBQ and Seafood a variety of times, hoping I will be blown away and although I am never fully disappointed I am also never fully satisfied. I have never eaten there, it is always a to go order so that may be part of the problem. From there I have tried their pad Thai, honey chicken, and a spicy pork dish, which for the life of me I cannot remember it’s name.


Spicy Pork Dish

I’ll start with dish which has no name in my mind. It is a spicy dish served with green beans and your choice of meat. I went with pork. Despite not having a name that sticks in my head, it is actually one of my favorite dishes from here. Very spicy, but oddly satisfying and the blanched green beans add a nice bite. I ate this as leftovers with rice and it was really good, rice toned down the spice.


Pad Thai

Their pad Thai is a huge disappointment for me. Very dry and very sticky, it had almost no flavor for me. The vegetables were all over cooked and really soft. The only good part was the shrimp, but even they lacked flavor.

Twice I have had their honey duck and it is honestly pretty delicious, really sweet though so I must be in the mood for it. This was the first place and only place I have had duck so I have nothing to compare it to. However the duck is hot, juicy, and very tender, and the honey glaze is very nice, if you are in a sweet mood.


Honey Duck Plate

Overall Thai BBQ is not bad, but slightly pricy so I am not sure if I can fully recommend them. The food is not bad, but there are other restaurants, not necessarily Thai,  in the area for a much better price. If you are desperate for Thai and do not want to travel over a city or two, they will do.

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