The Shack

3 Apr


18927 Colima Rd

Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Hours: Wed – Fri 5pm – 10 pm / Sat & Sun 12pm – 10pm / Mon 5pm – 10pm / Closed Tuesday

**Even if there appears to be a wait, it’s usually not that bad**


Dungeness Crab

I love crab legs! I have all my life, but normally my crab love affair could only be satisfied on weekend trips to Laughlin for seafood buffet Fridays. I have never really attempted to find worthy crab in the area, sometimes settling for Red Lobster if I was really desperate. In my area there is this place called Boiling Crab I have never ventured there, but have heard really great things about it. One night my boyfriend’s sister decided she wanted us to go try Boiling Crab with her. I had also heard that Boiling Crab can have a crazy line so I took to Yelp to see if I could find anything compatible. That is when I came across The Shack.


Fish and Chips

From what I can tell The Shack is the exact same concept as the Boiling Crab. They have a variety of seafood (variety of shrimp an crab, mussels, and clams) that comes served in a bag, seasoned with your choice of shack sauce. They also have things such as corn and potatoes that you can add to your bag. Besides that they have a variety of sides, french fries, onion rings, chicken wings, and a fish and chips plate. While we were there they also had a special, chili corn. The tables are covered with butcher paper and you eat messy with your hands. It’s a very fun experience.


Chili Corn

We ordered their fish and chips plate, chili corn, 1lb of king crab legs, and one of their Dungeness crabs. It was delicious! I had never had Dungeness crab before and they are a challenge to eat, I’ll stick to snow crab and king crab from now on. Never the less it was amazing! The crab was hot and flavorful, so satisfying. I didn’t try the chili corn, but my boyfriend enjoyed it. The fish and chips plate was good, served piping hot, and I loved the fries.


King Crab Legs

As any seafood, it can be a little costly, but nothing unreasonable. I highly recommend giving this place a shot. Although I can’t yet compare to The Boiling Crab, I say with confidence if you don’t feel like waiting in its crazy line, come here.


More Dungeness Crab

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