JB Burgers

17 Apr


15800 Main St

La Puente, CA91744

**Cash Only**


Cheese Burger Combo

I desperately wanted to like JB Burgers. Not only are they super cute, very tiny corner lot with a nice outdoor eating area, but their prices are the lowest I have ever seen for this kind of burger joint. Sadly I can now understand why they are so cheap. Quality definitely went down with the price.


Double Cheeseburger Combo

We ordered their cheeseburger combo and double cheeseburger combo. That came to less than $15, not what I’m used to. We also got an order of chili cheese fries and onion rings. Nothing was very impressive.


Chili Cheese Fries

The fries were burnt and the chili tasted like cheap canned chili beans. The cheese was old and starchy, barely melted. The onion rings were even worse. They were over cooked (mushy), greasy, and very burnt. The burgers, as with everything else, was very bland and not very satisfying.


Onion Rings

Although JB Burgers is very cute and has a very kind staff. I do not recommend giving them a shot. At least not their burgers, fries, or onion rings. Their pastrami did look good, many people ordered it while I was there and reviews on Yelp mention the sandwich many times. Despite that I still do not think I will be going back.

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