My Go To Food Truck at CSUF

15 May

Location: Humanities Plaza at CSUF

Food Truck Based out of Costa Mesa, CA


Barcelona OntheGo has been my go to lunch at California State University, Fullerton. In honor of my graduation this coming Saturday I decided it was time to honor what has been my favorite food truck these last two years, even though I have only tried one of their food dishes.

Whenever Barcelona OntheGo happens to be in the humanities plaza on campus it is difficult for me to resist the urge to order my favorite grilled chicken sandwich. The grilled chicken sandwich is comprised of a marinated chicken breast, red bell pepper aioli, and mixed greens served on a warm, yummy artisanal bread. The sandwich comes with crispy hot fries coated perfectly with sea salt. The combination is incredible. The sandwich is juicy, flavorful, and super filling.


Beyond the sandwich I have not tried any of their other dishes, but they all look amazing and smell wonderful. Someday I will track this truck down and try to resist my chicken sandwich in order to try their steak fries or tacos. I have tried a few of their drinks. I do not remember their names one was a fruity virgin mojito and another I believe was a hibiscus lemonade. Both were very refreshing.

What really makes this food truck stand out, besides the phenomenal food, is their service. Whomever happens to be working the truck always greets me with a smile and is always very friendly and personable. As a busy college student grabbing a bite to eat between classes I can also appreciate their speedy service. Even if there is a big line the food is always pumped out super quick. I have never waited more than 10 minutes for my food and that was only once when about 8 people were ahead of me.

If you ever happen to be in the vicinity of a Barcelona OntheGo truck, I highly recommend stopping by. You will not be disappointed.

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