The Viking Truck

5 Jun


Serving Orange County


Hot Dog and Fries

The circumstances under which I got to try The Viking Truck were sort of unusual, so my menu choices were limited. Towards the end of my final semester CSUF they held an event which offered three different food trucks (keep an eye out for my review of the other two trucks), with a limited menu choice for free. It was a food blogger’s dream, so I dove in.


At The Viking Truck I tried their plain all beef hot dog served in their pretzel bun with fries. I love hot dogs, but I am very picky about them. I LOVED their hot dog! It was large, juicy, and had a nice snap. Although really large, the bun was not overwhelming, and was hot and fluffy. The fries were really nice as well.

Although a simple meal to try, The Viking Truck was a win for me and I have high hopes for all their other hot dog/sausage items on their menu.

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