Bakery Truck

12 Jun


Serving Orange County


I love desserts, I adore pastries, and I was amazed by the cream puffs at the Bakery Truck! This was the second truck I had the opportunity to try on campus at CSUF (see last weeks post on The Viking Truck).


Raspberry Cream Puff

The menu was limited to only cream puffs, normally they serve a variety of sweet treats. My friend ordered their strawberry banana cream puff and I ordered their raspberry. It was honestly one of the best cream puffs I have ever had!


Strawberry Banana Cream Puff

Different than the usual cream puff, instead of only using one type of cream, the Bakery Truck uses regular cream and Bavarian cream which blends together for the perfect balance of sweetness and a nice variety of texture. The fruit, the raspberries especially, added a nice tart bite to break up the sweetness. The cream puff shell was perfect, light and airy.

This is a must try and in fact I am following this truck, just waiting for them to get close enough to me so I can swoop in for another decadent treat.


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