Adorable Cafe in Downtown Fullerton

26 Jun


101 N Harbor Blvd

Fullerton, CA92832


Sun – Thurs 8am-9pm / Fri and Sat 8am-10pm

**Also Located in Irvine**


Pastry Display

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had the opportunity to spend the last year working on the Newport Beach Film Festival with an amazing team. This opportunity was presented to me through a class at CSUF. For our last team meeting we decided to meet at this adorable bakery, just down the street from campus.


Banana Cream Pie

Layer Cake Bakery is amazing, and a little overwhelming for someone whom enjoys pastries the way I do. One side of the “cafe” (it is a relatively large space) is a display of cakes, cookies, pies, cupcakes, specialty pastries, macarons, and so much more. On top of the pastries they also serve ice cream, specialty coffees and teas/fruit drinks, a variety of breakfast items, and lunch dishes, such as salads and sandwiches.



On this trip there my team and I only indulged in their sweet treats, as well as some coffee and a hibiscus drink. Our team captain ordered an ice coffee and macarons, our assistant team lead ordered an ice coffee as well and a banana cream pie, while I got a hibiscus drink and an eclair.



My eclair was amazing! Nice size, good texture, the cream was not too sweet at all and the dark chocolate added just the right amount a bitter sweetness. Our assistant team lead’s banana cream pie was perfect. Not too sweet, fresh bananas inside, and a good crust. The cream added a good amount of sweetness and, as with my eclair, the dark chocolate was a good touch.


I did not have the chance to try the macarons or iced coffee, but both received very good reviews from my teammates. The only disappointment from the visit was my hibiscus drink. I do not remember it’s complete name, but I just felt it was much too sweet. Besides that I really enjoyed my visit.


Iced Coffee and Hibiscus Drink

Layer Cake was a wonderful experience and I look forward to returning to try some of their breakfast and lunch items. With free wi-fi and lots of space this is a great homework/study space for students looking for an alternative to Starbucks. If you are ever in the area this is a must try.


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