A Place to Beat the Summer Heat

8 Jul


2682 E Garvey Ave S

West Covina, CA91791


Sunday – Thursday 2pm-9pm / Friday & Saturday 2pm-11pm


Tiramisu in a Waffle Cone

I love gelato, but up until a few weeks ago I would have to wait every year for county fair time to roll around to satisfy my craving. Thanks to Gelatissimo, never again shall I have to go months desiring that perfect sweet treat which is gelato.

Gelatissimo has been on my need to try list for months and I am so happy I finally got to give them a shot. The shop is so cute. Hidden away in a pretty active strip mall, this could easily be a missed gem to those that do not know to look for it.

They have a nice variety of flavors from fruity to sweet and a few unique combos. Pineapple, vanilla, pistachio, tres leche, tiramisu, and peanut butter & jelly are just a sample of the flavors they may have on any given night. There were several of us the night we went and we all got different flavors and sampled even more and we all loved everything we tasted.


Medium pineapple and coconut in a cup

Gelatissimo sells more than just gelato, they also serve up a variety of pastries, which I did not get to try, but they looked amazing and I look forward to returning to give them a try.

Some reviews and comments I have read about this piece of Italy in West Covina say that they are over priced, but compared to other shops I think the price is reasonable. Plus they are willing to mix flavors which most are not, at least not without an additional cost.

Gelatissimo is a definite must try, especially during this hot summer months. So next time you are in the area and looking for a way to cool down try a scoop of gelato instead of your usual ice cream or stop in for a cannoli to satisfy your sweet tooth.


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