Expanded Menu at Pompeiis

11 Sep

I took my niece to Pompeii’s a few weeks ago to celebrate her birthday and was surprised to see that Pompeii’s menu had expanded quite a bit, with appetizers, more salads, more pastas, simply more deliciousness.


As it was only the two of us and I was dying for their Fettuccine, we were only able to try two new items. We ordered a 1/2lb of their potato wedges and my niece ordered their ravioli and spaghetti with meatballs plate. The potatoes were made fresh and crispy, served nice and hot with ketchup and ranch. I will be back for more.

My niece loved her spaghetti and ravioli. There marinara sauce had a little too much time for my liking, but nothing I couldn’t get over. The meatballs had awesome flavor and were huge! The ravioli was only cheese, but stuffed just right and cooked perfectly.


If you haven’t yet made it to Pompeii’s you need to now, if you have already I think it’s about time you head back to try some of their new items. You won’t be disappointed.

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