Thai Food and Records on the Ceiling

3 Dec


11891 Euclid St
Garden Grove, CA 92840


7 Days a Week 11am – 11pm



How can I not rave about a restaurant that serves free drinks, free salads, and from what I’ve read, I’m pretty sure if I was able to stick around, free dessert!?! Top that off with quick, polite service and pretty awesome food, and I have found a new favorite Thai place. If only it wasn’t 30 minutes from home.

Since I’ve been working in Anaheim for the last few months I decided it was time I start trying the local dining options and Thai Famous Cuisine was one of my first hits, and wow was it a good one.


Thai Ice Tea

I hadn’t had Thai for a few months and couldn’t get the craving out of my head so I decided I’d try the closest one to work. Sadly there are two Thai places right across the street from each other with about the same rating on Yelp. I randomly picked and ended up at Thai Famous Cuisine.

Walking in I was immediately greeted and informed of their free drink policy. Free drink includes their Thai ice tea, Thai coffee, and sodas. I went with the Thai ice tea and if you are a regular reader you know that is not my regular drink or choice and either my taste buds have done a sudden shift (which they are known for) or their Thai ice tea is exceptional. Either way it is a win for me.


Papaya Salad

I ordered their pork pad Thai. Before it was delivered I was offered their complimentary papaya salad. Not my kind of dish, but it was fresh and refreshing. It was nice for a few bites and I’m sure it would be enjoyed by others, just simply not my preference.

The pork pad Thai was served quickly and very hot. I couldn’t help myself and inhaled it quickly. It had amazing flavor and enough sauce that all the noodles were nicely coated and not sticky at all.


Pork Pad Thai

I had to get back to work and as I was leaving I was offered a Thai ice tea to take to go. So nice. From reviews I have read it seems as if I would have stayed I would have received a free dessert. I must return to see if that is true.

Besides the amazing food Famous Thai Cuisine has a very fun atmosphere. Nice decorations hinting at its Thailand foundation, as well as baseball decorations, we are down the street from Angel Stadium, and my favorite part, albums on the ceiling. As clashing as that sounds it all worked and was in no way cheesy.

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