The Slummin Gourmet

29 May

The Slummin’ Gourmet


Food Truck serving LA and OC


Kobe Hot Dog and Garlic Manchego Fries

I have been tracking this truck for years now. I first stumbled upon them while searching for my fair worthy corn dog, which lead me to Joe’s (but that is another post –> click here). I was drawn in by the promise of a lobster corn dog and stuck around for the thought of trying a scallop slider. I needed to try this truck and I finally got my chance awhile back when they were at the Anaheim Convention Center. IMG_20150212_111547824Slummin

Although I was tracking them for their lobster corn dog, just my luck they weren’t serving them that day. So I was forced to try something else. I ordered their kobe hotdog – kobe beef hotdog, wasabi mayo, teriyaki, nori, bonito, diced tomatoes, daikon sprouts. Now this is going to sound strange, but I did not like the hot dog, something just didn’t taste that appealing to me, but I can’t wait to go back to try more. The hotdog wasn’t bad, just not for me. I can’t quite figure out what the problem was, but I was amazed by the quality of the ingredients, the complexity of flavors, and the careful preparation. With my hot dog I got their garlic manchego fries, which were AMAZING. Hot crunchy and an awesome mix of flavor.

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