Sexy Burger Truck

5 Jun

Sexy Burger Truck – Yelp

Location: Serving the Orange County area

**Regularly at the Fullerton Best Buy parking lot on Friday nights**


The Cowgirl

I literally tacked the Sexy Burger Truck the first time I saw it. I remember it clearly. I was sitting at the light on Katella at State College and saw this beautiful neon truck turn in front of me. I had to know what it was, so I switched lanes, made a U-turn and followed it ‘til I had it bookmarked on Yelp. That Friday night I loaded up my car with my nephew, niece and one of their friends and headed to the Fullerton Best Buy Parking lot.


The Naked Burger with Cajun Fries

I look forward to checking out the Truck Squad again, they had some really awesome trucks, but that night I was there on a mission, get me some sexy burger. I ordered their Naked Burger – American cheese, lettuce and sexy sauce, as did my niece and her friend. My nephew order their Cowgirl – Swiss cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce and onion rings. We got an order of each type of their fries – plain, garlic, and Cajun.


The Naked Burger with Plain Fries

I’ll start with the bad. Their fries are not worth anything. I don’t think I would even bother buying them. They had very little flavor, all crunch, no fluff, just disappointing. The Cajun was probably the best, had a little flavor, but plain tasted like nothing and garlic was simply cold globs of goop.


The Naked Burger with Garlic Fries

Now for the great, the burgers! Now I didn’t get to try my nephews, but he inhaled it and is a pretty picky eater, so that says a lot, but I can critique my naked burger. It was delicious. I love the bread they use, not too mushy, fluffy or flaky, but a good combination of the last two. It had a nice buttery taste too. The meat tasted like meat, nice and beefy and juicy. My mouth waters thinking about it. The cheese and their “sexy sauce” all melds for an awesome experience. One of my new top burger choices now.

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