Anaheim Packing House – Popbar

8 Jul


Anaheim Packing House
440 South Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805

11am – 10pm 7 Days a Week

**Locations emerging around the world**

PopBar - Anaheim, CA

His & Her Pops at Popbar

I am still just tasting my way through all that the Packing House has to offer, but I can already, with confidence, say that Popbar is my absolute favorite. I don’t care that a pop costs almost $5 or if the line is 20 minutes long. If I am at the Packing House and looking for dessert I will be waiting for my pop.

Strawberry Gelato - PopBar (Photo by G Hurtado)

Strawberry Gelato Pop with Milk Chocolate and Chocolate Sprinkles

My go to pop at Popbar is their hazelnut gelato pop with dark chocolate (have done all versions – half dip, full dip, and drizzle) with either hazelnuts or almonds. The hazelnut gelato is not too sweet and perfectly creamy. The dark chocolate bitterness compliments it perfectly and the nuts are a nice crunchy addition.

Hole in the Wall - Hazelnut Gelato dipped in Dark Chocolate and Almonds from the PopBar at the Anaheim Packing House

Hazelnut Gelato Pop with Dark Chocolate and Almonds

Now my dark chocolate hazelnut has kept me satisfied and loyal, but my friends have been very happy with many of the other bars including strawberry gelato with milk chocolate and chocolate sprinkle, plain coconut, and pistachio gelato pop with milk chocolate and pistachios.

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