Anaheim Packing House – The Chippy Fish & Grill

30 Jul

The Chippy Fish & Grill

Anaheim Packing House
440 South Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805

**Second location in Irvine**

Fish & Chips w Giant Shrimp - The Chippy Fish and Grill

Jumbo Shrimp w/Fish and Chips

The Chippy Fish & Grill is yet another eatery that divided me and my #1 foodie partner. Besides Popbar this is one other place that I decided to treat my boyfriend to while I exposed him to everything that is the Packing District. I, although I did agree with him that it was a tad pricey, enjoyed Chippy Fish, he on the other hand was disappointed.

We both ordered the classic fish and chips, and he also ordered one jumbo shrimp. We both mutually agreed that the jumbo shrimp as a sad excuse for a JUMBO shrimp. Although tasty, it was very tiny. Now for the fish and chips. I thought the portions were good, not the best, but for a place like the Packing House, about what I would expect for the price. I thought the fish was cooked well, flavorful, not too greasy, and the chips were pretty good too. My boyfriend was not impressed by the fish nor the chips and will probably never return.

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