Good Burgers Served Classy

28 Aug

Umami Burger

338 S Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805

Mon – Thurs 11am – 11pm / Fri – Sun 11am – Midnight

**Locations across California, as well as in New York, Nevada, and Illinois**


So I sadly must report that I had to leave my internship in Anaheim, but on my last day my wonderful boss and coworker took me out to lunch, my choice. As I’m more of a dirty dive person, I panicked. I wanted to pick somewhere that served food I’d enjoy, but also wanted to pick somewhere my boss would feel comfortable at, thus I ended up at Umami. Umami Burgers, good burgers served classy.


I had heard my boss and other people around work talk about Umami and how amazing it is. Me being the burger coinsurer that I am I immediately decided I had to try it, but it is located within the Packing District and I got sucked up by all that is the Packing House and after 10 months had yet to give it a shot. This was the perfect opportunity.

TruffleFries - Umami Burger, Anaheim CA

Truffle Fries

I ordered their truffle burger and we ordered their truffle fries and maple bacon fries for the table. The burger which comes with, truffled aioli, house truffle cheese, and truffle glaze, was very very good. The meat was delicious, juicy, and cooked to perfection. I had to contain myself and eat politely and slowly, but I loved every bite.

TruffleBurger - Umami Burger, Anaheim CA

Truffle Burger

The burger was not the star of the meal though. The burger was good, but the sweet potato fries were heaven. Maple Bacon Fries – sweet potato fries topped with maple-braised bacon lardons, rosemary Aleppo salt, and topped with chives. They were crunchy, fluffy, sweet, sticky, and salty. One if the best dishes I have ever eaten.

The truffle fries, which everyone seems to adore, didn’t leave that great of an impression on me. They just seemed like bland, skinny, cheese fries.

SweetPotato - Umami Burger, Anaheim CA

Maple Bacon Fries

Now, although I LOVE the sweet potato fries, and the burger was delicious. I don’t know if I would ever return, at least not on my own. If friends were gathering there or I was invited for something there I would definitely go, but as a place for me to frequent, even the fries can’t make up for the cost of a burger. I felt they were a little over priced. If I’m going to drop that much money on a meal of burger and fries, I’d much rather swing by G Burger and gorge myself there.


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