The Grill – Fullerton, CA

9 Sep

The Grill

2401 E Orangethorpe Ave
Fullerton, CA 92831

Mon – Sat 6am-10pm / Sun 7am-10pm


I got my dog fixed right next door, but never thought to eat here until searching for a burger place on my way home from work that wouldn’t require me changing my route at all. The Grill happened to be the first place I came across and wow am I happy I did.

This place was packed; Thursday afternoon lunch rush and every table in the place was taken. I was lucky to snag the table I did, perfect timing to wander by a table as a group of men in suites slid out.

Now this place is like a greasy burger joint and a family dining establishment, think Denny’s, had a lovechild. The menu is set up like a greasy spoon, big menu up above the registers, and you order like any other burger place. After that however you get to take a seat in a comfy, clean booth, and they deliver the food to your table.

I ordered their basic combo and when it was set down on me I was scared. I thought I was about to be very disappointed. Huge portion of fries, but the meat looked frozen and fake and the sandwich looked like it was over ran by lettuce.

It was a pretty burger, but looked very low quality. Luckily it didn’t taste low quality at all. The fries were crispy and flavorful. The meat was juicy and well cooked. The butter lettuce, although abundant, was delicious on the burger and melded well with all the other ingredients.


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