Big Slice Pizza

19 Sep

Big Slice Pizza

523 N Harbor Blvd
Fullerton, CA 92832

Mon-Thurs 11am-10pm / Fri & Sat 11am-11pm / Sun 12pm-10pm


Lunch Special Salad

I have driven past Big Slice Pizza and seen their lunch special advertisement for so much of my life it amazes me that it took me this long to ever try them. All through high school I drove past them on every trip to Downtown Disney, got my first tattoo done right next store, spent so much time in Downtown Fullerton while I attended CSUF, and sat in traffic in front of here every day on my way to work in Anaheim. Why I never ate here I will never know, but wow am I happy I finally did.


One Big Slice Pizza Slice

My niece and I went to explore the wonder of Buffalo Exchange and decided we’d spend our hard earned $10 on some lunch. Big Slice Pizza was the winner and OMG it was great. We ordered two of their lunch specials (one big slice pizza, salad, and drink for $6) and an order of fries. The salad was simple, but fresh, so just the way I like it. Their ranch is delicious. Now onto the pizza. Their big slice pizza is actually two huge slices. My niece and I could have easily shared. Not only is it huge, but it’s delicious. Thin crust, just enough sauce, gooey cheese, and good amount of pepperoni. The fries were pretty damn amazing too. Crunchy, seasoned salt, and hot. This place was a win win WIN.


French Fries

Now I do have to say the wait staff was not the most attentive, she would get caught up in personal conversations, but was never rude about being interrupted and was always prompt to deliver on what I asked. She was polite and friendly when I ordered and our food came out quick.

If you’re in the Downtown Fullerton area and are looking for some greasy, delicious eats you need to stop by Big Slice Pizza.


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