I Like my Tacos Greasy

25 Sep

Colonia Taco Lounge

13030 E Valley Blvd
La Puente, CA 91746

Tues-Thurs 11am-9pm / Fri & Sat 11am-10pm / Closed Sun & Mon


Crunchy Avocado Taco

Reviewing Colonia Taco Lounge is a strange task for me. This place puts my desire and love for greasy carne asada tacos served on the street against my desire to be surprised and see something classic taken to new levels. Colonia Taco Lounge is not a basic tortilla, meat, and salsa taco place. It is a taco shop filled with flavors, toppings, and options you would never ever imagine.

My English professor took me here as a going away celebration and although my taco craving was very disappointed, my foodie side was thrilled by my experience here. I got to try three of their tacos. I ordered their crunchy avocado taco and their fish taco. I got to try part of their campeon.


Fish Taco

Their crunchy avocado was just that, pure avocado, a little bit of corn, topped with a salsa, and served in a crunchy shell. The flavor was good and the avocado was refreshing, but it needed something else to break up that super creamy texture of the avocado. The fish taco was a fried mahi-mahi, spicy honey, and cabbage. I have mixed feelings on the fish taco. The flavors were good and it had a nice kick, but was overwhelmed by the tortilla.

My favorite of the three tacos I tried was the campeon. It is a taco with seared queso fresco, bacon, and salsa. It was simple, but packed so much flavor. The cheese was gooey, but the sear offered a sharp taste. The bacon was fatty and greasy and crunchy. The salsa was spicy. It was a perfect taco and probably so satisfying because it was a slight nod to a greasy street taco.

Colonia Taco Lounge is big and spacious. It seemed like a great place to meet up with friends on a Friday night. The taco menu rotates and changes so will vary slightly every time you go. The staff were all super kind, attentive, and helpful. Overall, although it goes against all my taco desires, Colonia Taco Lounge was pretty cool.

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