The Packing House (And I’m not Talking Anaheim)

28 Sep

a la minute – Claremont

532 W 1st St
Claremont, CA 91711

Mon-Thurs Noon-10pm / Fri & Sat Noon-11pm / Sun Noon-9:30pm

**Second location in Orange**


Vanilla Bean Olive Oil

I have discovered The Packing House and I’m not talking Anaheim. While searching for something sweet to eat, my best friend and I stumbled upon not only a second a la minute location, but another packing house.

Now I have had a la minute in Orange before and when I saw it pop on my Claremont ice cream Yelp search I knew that was where we had to go. I had no clue where it was located, but when my friend and I pulled up on this new Packing House, I was so excited.

Now before I get into the ice cream, let’s talk a little about this Packing House. Now if you have been to the Packing House in Anaheim, Claremont’s Packing House has a similar feel, but overall is nothing like it. It’s an old packing warehouse that has been converted and has some places to eat, but that is where the similarities end. Anaheim’s Packing House is ultimately a dining hall and that is all. Yes, they have some live entertainment and some knick-knack shopping, but you go there to eat. Claremont offer’s so much more.

Olive Oil and Strawberry Balsamic

Olive Oil and Strawberry Balsamic

Claremont’s Packing House has cool places to eat, ranging from a coffee shop to a full sit down restaurant, but that’s not all. It is full of shops. They have a used book store, clothing, aerial acrobat classes, and a comedy club. It’s a full weekend of fun rolled into one warehouse.

Now a la minute. It is just delicious, creamy and unique as it’s Orange location. I didn’t try any new flavors this time around, we ordered strawberry balsamic and vanilla bean olive oil. Just like last time they were creamy, flavorful, and just a wonderful dessert.


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