Grand Burger

30 Sep

Grand Burger

710 S Grand Ave
Glendora, CA 91740

Mon-Sat 6am-11pm / Sun 6am-10pm

**Second location in Rancho Cucamonga**


Cheeseburger Combo

I really wanted to like Grand Burger. I was living in Covina at the time and really craving some classic comfort from a perfect burger. I didn’t want to drive all the way over to my classic go to, Colima Burger, and Yelp photos made Grand Burger seem promising.

Overall Grand Burger wasn’t a bad experience, but for a little over $8 it is a little pricey compared to other greasy spoons in the area. The burger wasn’t amazing and in fact reminded me very much of a Carl’s Jr. burger. It also had way too much lettuce. On the plus side I did really enjoy their fries, hot and crunchy with a nice fluffy inside, and the service was very polite. Overall, however I don’t think it is worth the cost.


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