Warehouse Pizza, but not a Pizza Review

8 Oct

Warehouse Pizza

2340 D St
La Verne, CA 91750

Mon-Thurs 11am-10pm / Fri 11am-11pm / Sat 11am-10:30pm /Sun 11am-9pm


Beef Dip Sandwich

This is a strange review for me as it is for a pizza joint where I did not indulge in one piece of pizza. One of my dad’s friends offered to take me to lunch and I decided that I would follow his lead and eat as he did. Sometimes I don’t like to be a fatty all on my own. He ordered a sandwich, so I did too and I am very happy with that decision.


Salad with Ranch

I ordered their hot beef dip and it came with a salad and simple Lays Potato Chips. For the price the beef dip had a good amount of meet and just the right amount of cheese to bind it. The salad was delicious and fresh with amazing ranch. My only complaint would be the au jus. It needed salt and lots of it, but that’s not a big enough issue to ruin my meal.

What I also really loved about Warehouse Pizza was the location. It felt laid back and easy going, yet fun. At the same time it is a large enough space that all sorts of different groups of people could have a good time there without irritating the others, at least that’s how I felt. There is a big indoor and outdoor dining area. Service was also very polite.

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